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Lodging Options

Van Buren County has a lot more options for lodging today compared to when we were in high school.

The Villages of Van Buren web site lists many of them, mostly in Van Buren County.

The Expedia web site lists many additional options, mostly in bordering counties.

Inn Rate FlyerLocally, the Bonaparte Inn is under new ownership and is accepting group reservations (rooms only, no breakfast). But our crew has that covered too! ;-)

There probably isn't a better place for "hanging out" with other classmates in off time between the Friday and Saturday Night events. Those staying will have the entire Inn to themselves which consists of 13 beautiful rooms. Several couples have already booked rooms. The link below is to a slide show of the rooms when they were a B&B but they look almost identical today.

Click on the flyer on left to see larger version. The more staying . . the better the rate becomes. For reservations or more info, call Jeanne Mott at the number on the flyer below for more specifics.

Bonaparte Inn Photos:



If you should be flying in to the Cedar Rapids airport, here is a kind offer posted on our Reunion Facebook site on Jan. 25 by classmate Les Smith.

"If some of you are flying into Iowa for the reunion weekend, here is an offer for you. I live in Cedar Rapids. If you chose to fly into Cedar Rapids, cause as you know there are not many choices. If you need a place to stay or just a place to rest, either on your way in or on your way leaving you are welcome here. Just let me know ahead of time and we can make arrangements. Email is or phone 319-329-3474. Looking forward to seeing everyone in September. - Les"