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What A GREAT Time It Was!

Class Photo 50th Reunion

The Harmony Class of 1965 50-Year-Reunion was a resounding success! 

Friday Night at the Bonaparte Inn was the perfect setting for a casual, relaxed opportunity to reconnect with classmates and friends, which in some cases, had not seen each other in decades!
Friday Night Photos: click here

Saturday Night at the Bonaparte Opera House was a little more structured but still a great finale to our 50th weekend. The big news of the night was the belated crowning of the Harmony 1965 Homecoming King and Queen . . . Terry Sheffler and Linda Morris McCarty!

We seemed to pick up right where we left off 50 years ago but better! Many of those attending commented that they sensed a greater bond with classmates than they ever enjoyed 50 years ago. Maybe we've matured a bit??? :-)

Saturday Night Photos: click here

Reunion Video: This "Memories From Our School Days" video was played at the Friday Night Social event on Friday, Sept. 18th at the Bonaparte Inn.

Classmates Attending:  
Allen, Dave
Boecker Warner Moeller, Sandra
Carr, Tom
Delker, Doug
Dick Longcor, Rexene
Gray Anthony, Lana
Hainline, Steve
Harper, Ron
Hellwig Brotherton, Eileen
Hendricks Kandzor, Marye
Huddleston, Jerry
Huff, Rick
Jennings Sinclair, Susan
Lowe, Rich
Martin, Ron
Meek Munford, Margie
Meek, Marshall
Millen, Bob
Miller, Amel
Mohr Prunty, Nancy
Morris McCarty, Linda
Munford, Mike
Nau Cooksey, Debbie
Page, Gary
Pratt, Bill
Redhead Ross, Sally
Reineer Davis, Treeanon
Sheffler, Terry
Smith, Les
Stecker, Raymond
Swartout, Roger
Tade Kisling, Karen
Van Winkle Bell, Cheryl
Wallingford Stevens, Connie
Ware Keller, Susan

Financial Report - Thanks to the reservation fees collected, plus a carryover balance from an old account and through several generous donations, when all the bills are paid, we will have money left over. Those in attendance agreed that the remaining funds will be donated in equal amounts in the name of Harmony Class of 1965 to Bonaparte, Farmington and Hillsboro community libraries.

Thanks to all of you for coming and a special thanks to the crew of classmate volunteers who worked so hard to get this event put together!

Class of '65 Reunion Committee

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